School of Sockeye Salmon swimming in shallow stream

Though our Foundation is only just beginning, we have already completed much groundwork. From speaking with governors, heads of local government offices, non-profits, Fish & Wildlife representatives, authors, NOAA scientists...

Our work will build on the efforts of others before us and combine all of the common sense ideas in one place.

In the mean time, here's what you can do today to help our cause:


  • Build a rain garden. Most of Puget Sound’s habitat is degraded due to overdevelopment. Rain gardens help filter groundwater and buffer against flooding of your neighborhood salmon-bearing creeks.
  • View wild salmon spawning - there's nothing more inspiring than seeing these creatures fight their way back to their home streams to complete their life cycle.
  • Sign petitions that support wild salmon like this one to stop Pebble Mine.
  • Donate! Your contribution helps us deliver our message to policymakers, organize volunteers, and support important projects.
  • Vote in support of wild salmon initiatives. We will have more details on this soon.


  • Insist that your restaurant of choice ONLY serves sustainable seafood. If they don't, eat elsewhere.
  • Check before you dine if the restaurant has received recognition from Fish2Fork and Smart Catch, the two non-profits leading the sustainable seafood industry. These logos indicate that the establishment meets their strict standards.
  • Only purchase wild salmon that is sustainably caught. Don't be afraid of frozen salmon. It is probably fresher than "fresh" salmon.
  • Don't buy farm-raised salmon. Read why on our blog.