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Our Mission


The work of the Duke’s Sustainable Solutions Foundation is to synthesize the current ideas and scientifically based research leading to workable solutions for restoring wild Pacific salmon populations. Extensive research exists, but much of it has been ignored or has raised issues that are too controversial for policymakers to accept. Duke’s Sustainable Solutions Foundation will bring all of these pieces of vital research to the surface, in one place, to solve this issue for our children, grandchildren, and generations to come.


Many parts of society, including power companies, farmers, timber companies, commercial fishermen, sport fishermen, Native American tribes, hatcheries, and farmed salmon operations use policies and practices that hinder the health of the wild salmon population. We engage with interest groups to gain insight and appreciate their unique issues related to wild salmon restoration, and then provide solutions that respects their rights as well as the rights of wild salmon.


Wild salmon are headed for extinction in the Pacific Northwest. Other cultures and regions (Europe, Eastern Canada, the Eastern United States) have battled the same challenges we are currently facing: dams and other barriers, urbanization, pressure from hatchery fish, and overfishing, with their leaders attempting the same solutions our current leaders are utilizing. But they failed, and Atlantic salmon have long been extinct in Europe and England and will be soon in eastern Canada and the Northeast coast of the United States.

To save salmon, we must adopt the common sense solutions that have been ignored--either because they are too expensive, too difficult, or too disruptive. To not do so is a recipe for failure.



Creating workable solutions to restore wild Pacific salmon populations.



Coming in 2020, our book Common Sense Salmon Solutions will build a map for sustainable recovery of this resource.



Influencing the public to force changes in the laws and regulations currently controlled by government agencies and organizations.