Sustainability is very personal to me. I will do everything I can to ensure that my grandchildren and my grandchildren’s grandchildren will have wild, natural, and sustainable seafood to eat and enjoy forevermore.

— Duke Moscrip, Owner and Founder, Duke's Seafood & Chowder


Our goal is complex but not impossible: we want to change history. Other countries such as England and Scotland have already lost their salmon runs. Eastern Canada and our Eastern seaboard have so little salmon remaining that most rivers have been wiped clean of this iconic fish.

In order to change the outcome - extinction - of wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest, we must drastically change our policies and priorities.

The Moscrip's Sustainable Solutions Foundation aims to restructure our current government in a way that establishes a solid leader. This leader will use research-based directives and direct all agencies to prioritize wild salmon recovery.

This is no easy task - dozens of agencies: tribal, federal, state, local, county, city, and private all have hands in our wild salmon's fate.

Our advocacy program will create a leadership role that will coordinate all aspects of salmon recovery work.