Duke Moscrip, John Moscrip, and Amy Waeschle
Duke Moscrip


Duke's passion runs as deep as the rivers on which the Pacific Northwest wild salmon depend upon. As the owner and founder of Duke's Seafood for 40+ years, Duke knows fish. He knows the salmon industry inside and out. For over 20 years he has sourced his salmon only from the 100% sustainable fisheries of Alaskan river mouths. Meanwhile, he has continued to advocate for the restoration of NW wild salmon. By creating Moscrip Family Sustainable Solutions Foundation, he endeavors to use a collaborative approach, founded in hard science, to guide all parties impacted down the path to a solution that will ensure wild salmon for generations to come.

Amy Waeschle


Amy’s commitment to restoring wild salmon began in college when she studied under geomorphologist Dr. David Montgomery at the University of Washington. She published several stories related to wild salmon issues, and after college, continued her career as a writer in both environment/outdoors and fiction. As an best-selling author, she understands the power in sharing stories. As the Restoration Blog editor for the Foundation and founding executive, Amy is a critical voice in telling that story through a book under development with Dr. Montgomery and Duke. Coming in 2019, this book will present common sense solutions that will guide our community in making decision that positively affect wild salmon restoration.

John Moscrip


As the son of Duke and Co-Owner of Duke's Seafood & Chowder, John shares his family's passion for the restoration of wild salmon. Each year, he leads members of Duke's restaurants on hands-on activities to restore riparian zones such as the stretch of the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie river, which is the only Western Washington river with only wild fish (no hatcheries). A consumate collaborator and connector, John brings together the parties that can achieve our collective goals.